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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Research

Centennial College values and embraces equity, 多样性, and inclusion as fundamental to our mission to educate students for career success, and we proudly endorse the Government of Canada’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Canada Charter.

视图 Centennial College’s signed endorsement of the Dimensions Charter.


相关新闻: Centennial receives 研究 award to further equity, 多样性 and inclusion in higher education


Research data refers to data that are used as primary sources to support technical or scientific enquiry, 研究, 奖学金, 或艺术活动, and that are used as evidence in the 研究 process and/or are commonly accepted in the 研究 community as necessary to validate 研究 findings and results. 研究数据可以是实验数据, 观测数据, 操作数据, 第三方数据, 公共部门的数据, 监控数据, 处理过的数据, 或利用海量数据.

Centennial is developing an institution-wide compliance strategy to the federal government’s introduction of the 三机构研究数据管理政策, which provides guidelines for managing 研究 data throughout its lifecycle.

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知识产权 (IP) means any form of knowledge or expression created by human intellect that can be owned by a person or group. 它包括, 但不限于, 发明, 发现, 技术, 示范, 流程, 独特的材料, 版权的作品, original data and other creative works which have value.

在联邦政府的资助下, externally partnered Applied Research engagements, Centennial College retains the rights to IP creation during 研究 strictly for teaching purposes only, and otherwise assigns the created IP back to the industry partner.

下载我们的 知识产权政策.

Additional Research 政策和程序